Monday, March 29, 2010

Ello' Wee Little Blog

Ello' all. I am the Gnome as well as the mascot and dear friend of Top Hat and Enchilada. I have decided to start a blog-to post my thoughts, poems, and anything else I want.

I thank Top Hat and Enchilada for helping me set up my blog-I couldn't have done it without them because computers make me nervous; they are huge and can fall on me!

Currently, I am extremely sleeply. I believe I will go nap in my favorite spot in the garden, but before I do I would like to tell you all to go visit Top Hat and Enchilada's blog at They have wonderful things to read and watch, which entertain me greatly.

I hope to post again soon.

P.S. I love Ginger.

The Gnome